Viobreath’s brand is synonymous with reliability in providing medical products and technical support services for every professional in the field of respiratory problem diagnosis and treatment, as well as in the respiratory devices and medical equipment’s retail.

Through its exclusive and premium partnerships, Viobreath provides its customers with medical equipment, medical products and specialized breathing apparatus, manufactured by the most highly esteemed international brands, such as NIDEK (USA), BREAS (Sweden), YUWELL (China) and KINGON (China).

The acquired experience and the continuous training of our technical team has made Viobreath a leading and certified company in providing technical services and support for all its products. Additionally, Viobreath provides exclusive and certified technical services for all NIDEK products in Greece, Cyprus, and throughout Europe.

Viobreath also offers specialized technical services that include column regeneration using the latest zeolite technology, as well as compressor repair with spare parts sourced from the European and American markets.

Medical products by leading manufacturers

We choose to provide our customers with the highest quality of innovative breathing apparatus, auxiliary breathing equipment and medical products, created by the most trusted international manufacturer, while offering complete and specialized solutions to every professional in the field.

Providing technical support all over Europe

We provide our customers with full technical support, including the installation, demonstration of use and maintenance of our products, throughout Greece, as well as authorized maintenance service throughout Europe.

viomedic support
Providing Respiratory Equipment Technical Support all over Europe

Viobreath provides its customers throughout Europe with comprehensive and certified maintenance and technical support services, while, at the same time, covers all Viomedic’s retail customers’ needs, undertaking the installation, demonstration of use and maintenance of their respiratory equipment.

  • Technical support for our B2B customers throughout Europe.
  • Integrated technical support for the all of our group’s B2B and B2C customers.
  • The highest ISO and HTCert certified quality standards.
Top solutions for breathing support

Browse all Viobreath’s product categories for professionals working in the field of diagnosing respiratory problems and providing medical products and devices to support the functioning of the respiratory system.

Oxygen concentrators, CPAP, BIPAP, ventilators, oxygen therapy devices, spirometers and nebulizers, as well as all the needed medical and auxiliary equipment, are just some of the specialized products you can find at Viobreath to meet your B2B needs.

Top expertise in modern technology

Viobreath provides its customers with specialized B2B support services for its medical equipment and respiratory devices. Our staff is constantly trained by our suppliers, always according to the highest quality standards that apply in Europe and the USA.

All over Europe, they choose Viobreath

Viobreath is an integrated supplier and distributor of medical products, breathing apparatus and auxiliary medical equipment, as well as a certified technical support provider all over Europe.

Having the largest nationwide network of partners, it immediately provides direct and comprehensive coverage of its B2B customers’ needs with top-quality products and services.

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