POC EPOC portable blood analyzer

The POC EPOC blood system is a portable blood analyzer that can measure gas, electrolyte, and lactic levels with accuracy and speed. It provides immediate analysis results right next to the patient, making it easy to manage and ensuring high-quality results.


The POC EPOC portable blood analyzer is the first and only wireless communication system that uses Smart Card technology. It provides laboratory-grade results in a palm-sized PDA device, using a unique technology platform.

The device uses Smart Card technology and is the only wireless communication system of its kind. It provides laboratory-grade results in a compact, palm-sized PDA device. The analyzer is user-friendly and does not require cooling of consumables.

The results from the EPOC system are comparable or even better than those from traditional gas blood and electrolyte systems. Once blood permeates the sensors on the EPOC test card, results can be sent to a PDA device within 30 seconds.

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Technical Characteristics
  • The test card provides analysis for: blood gases, sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, glucose, lactic, hematocrit, and calculated parameters such as HCO3, TCO2, BE, So22, Hb.
  • Analysis speed: within 30 seconds.
  • Test card storage: at room temperature, up to 6 months.
  • Sample volume: just 92 μL.
  • Sample type: arterial, venous, or capillary.
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