Zoll AED Plus portable automated defibrillator

The Zoll AED Plus is not just a simple defibrillator – it’s a portable automated device that provides much more. In fact, it’s the only AED that guarantees the rescuer will respond appropriately during every stage of a cardiac arrest victim’s resuscitation.

The device provides clear voice and visual guidance, in accordance with the European Resuscitation Council 2010 (ERC Guidelines 2010). It also features the exclusive Real CPR Help® system and CPR-D-padz™ electrodes, which effectively monitor whether cardiopulmonary resuscitation is being performed correctly and adjust the rescuer to ensure chest compressions are at the proper rate and depth.

The Zoll AED Plus is particularly compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport anywhere needed. Its sturdy construction is also resistant to dust, liquids, and vibrations, ensuring its effectiveness even in challenging environmental conditions.


The Zoll AED Plus is a portable defibrillator that comes equipped with the unique Real CPR Help® system and CPR-D-padz™ electrodes. This system is designed to monitor the cardiopulmonary resuscitation being performed and give corrective guidance to the rescuer to ensure that chest compressions are being administered at the correct rate and depth. The device also provides clear voice and visual instructions, in accordance with the European Resuscitation Council 2010 (ERC Guidelines 2010).

The Zoll AED Plus® automated external defibrillator (USA) uses Rectilinear Biphasic™ biphasic defibrillation waveform and can be used on patients of all ages, including children over one year old, with appropriate electrodes.

The device is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport to wherever it is needed. Its sturdy construction is resistant to dust, liquids, and shocks, ensuring usability even in harsh environmental conditions.

This portable defibrillator operates on high-capacity lithium batteries and can provide up to three hundred (300) defibrillations or thirteen (13) hours of continuous operation. It automatically performs periodic checks and updates the user on the device’s status on the screen.

Additionally, it has a digital memory that can store patient information and can be connected to a computer for post-resuscitation review and data analysis.

The AED Plus automated external defibrillator is intended for use in public spaces, areas of mass population gathering such as hotels, sports venues, gyms, SPAs, public organizations, subway stations, etc., where specialized assistance may not always be present or immediate.


The portable AED Plus defibrillator comes complete with a carrying case, a pair of adult self-adhesive electrodes, and a set of batteries.

  • Rectilinear Biphasic™ technology
  • Unique Real CPR Help guidance system
  • Compatible with CPR-D Padz™ electrodes
  • Integrated display with ECG imaging
  • Audible instructions in Greek
  • Operates on CR123 lithium batteries
  • Automatic periodic function checks
  • Integrated incident recording memory
  • Five-year operational warranty
  • Suitable for use on patients of all ages
  • Guaranteed quality and reliability by ZOLL America


The package includes:

  • Portable AED PLUS defibrillator with ECG display
  • Ten CR123 Photo Flash Lithium batteries
  • Protective and transport case
  • One (1) pair of adult self-adhesive Stat Padz II defibrillation electrodes
  • User instructions

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Technical Characteristics
  • Dimensions: 29.2 x 24.1 x 13.3 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg complete with battery and electrodes
  • Power: 10 non-rechargeable lithium CR123 batteries
  • Autonomy: 5 years or 225 shocks at 200J or 780 minutes of continuous operation
  • Technology: Rectilinear Biphasic™
  • Energy: Variable from 120 to 200 Joules
  • Display: 6.6 x 3.3 cm LCD with ECG display
  • Enclosure protection: IP55
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Manufacturer warranty: Five (5) years
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